Thank you!

Just giving credit where it’s due:

Fran – for polishing my ‘A Lone Voice‘ blog intro

Antony – for labouriously reading my long Facebook rant and spending a big chunk of his precious weekend to edit it for me. (1)

Another ‘thank you’ points for Antony for ‘happily’ agreeing to edit my ‘Put your Empathy where your Mouth Is‘ rant. Much appreciated, bro. My IOUs are piling up! (2)

Laura – for agreeing to critique ‘Unzipped‘ for me and making sure I didn’t ‘expose’ myself too much (even if I wanted to, lol).

Three among very competent editors and themselves writers who I have the good fortune to work with.

Clarissa and Anju – for being willing ‘guinea pigs’ with some of my posts and whose brains I sometimes pick about any topic under the sun.

Niamh – for seeing the little flicker in me as a writer and planting the ‘seed of encouragement’ for me to write.

You! – I truly and sincerely appreciate you. Thank you for taking the time to ‘readme’. Yes, you read me now, alright.

Throw out what assumptions or perceptions you may have/have had of me and start anew. I am not just an old friend, daughter, mother, partner, sister, tita, cousin, colleague, a new friend, ex-whatever; the quiet, giggly, abnormally-patient me; the ‘jokester’ me; the sometimes incoherent and aloof me – there is more to me. As time goes on, you’ll see.

THANK YOU for taking the time to get to know more… and more… of me. Love the insatiable you. 😀

June 2010

  1. Nice to meet you Earthianne. You can call me Michael.


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