Be Audacious in 2011!

It’s my mantra in 2011.

My audacious (1 or 2) and not so audacious goals, plans, wishes, wants, desires, intentions and dreams that I’m manifesting in the next 12 months:

Self-love and Spirituality

• It’s my turn — I’m #1 in my life now (without resorting to hurting others or loving others less).
• Let go, leap and fly! Woot, woot!
• I don’t live in the past, I’m always in the future but I should be more in the present!!  [still working on this]
• Share and spread the love I’ve been hoarding.
• It’s not easy and not always possible, but be as authentic as I can be when dealing with people: be as truthful and real as I can possibly be.  [having some success]

Fun and Learning!

• Smile, giggle and laugh even more. More belly laugh!  [no problem]
• Learn African dance or shake it like Shakira!  [will do it next year. In the meantime, I’m about to learn free-form dance!]
• Learn to photoread.

Health, Sports and Fitness

• Enrol in Hatha Yoga again.
• Learn a martial art (Tai Chi, Qigong and/or Aikido).
• Do Pilates.  [doing]
• Walk one hour or more everyday.  [of and off. ATM, it’s off!]
• Consume more organic food and fresh fruit juices.
• Learn how to swim so I don’t hold on to my dear life while trying to snorkel.
• Do a health retreat every three or four months.  [have reduced it to once a year]
• Go to bed early and wake up early (weekdays). [massive fail]
• Follow through with the shift in consciousness for conscious, healthy eating and eliminating animal meat in my diet for good.  [It’s been a year! Success!!]

Music, writing and visual arts

• Complete the writing courses I started.
• Have at least two articles published. [as if!]
• Do poetry classes.
• Learn to draw  [about to enrol]
• Learn watercolour painting.
• Do less air guitar and continue with guitar lessons! [did for a little while but will re-enrol when I have more time]
• Do less air drums and, instead, learn to play the African drums. [completed 8 lessons. will re-enrol. it’s fun!]
• Learn to play the harmonica and/or flute.
• Enrol in more in-depth photography classes, including creative photography.

Language, Self-expression and Influence

• Write more, blog more. [Oh, did I promise this?? Lol!]
• Learn to speak Spanish. [no sé, no comprenden, no hablan Español!]
• Be an advocate for animals and inspire more people to eat more vegetables and less or no meat.  [doing]
• Be more and more open about my stand on certain issues and no longer keep them to myself.  [doing]
• Share my personal beliefs of: taking it easy; not taking oneself and life seriously; that maintaining good relationships is more important than money; that we are more than our roles at work, at home and on Earth.

Family, Friends, Co-workers, Acquaintances, Strangers

• Develop an interest and spend time in really getting to know people.
• Lose the fear of strangers (after all, some past strangers have become firm friends, romantic interests (ahem) and allies).
• Develop patience and tolerance for, and make an effort to do, small talk.
• Be more tolerant and accepting of perceived weaknesses in character in other people. [trying but not hard enough]
• ‘Strike while the iron is hot!’ like what one of my ex-bosses used to drum into me. Confront negativity, arrogance, intolerance, bullying, misjudgments, unfairness and bullshits directed to me by others in the first instance (BUT do so in a calm manner).

Money and Finances

• Continue with my ‘abundance’ mindset: Share even in those times I haven’t much to give or even when there is fear-mongering in the mainstream media about the state of our economy.
• Be disciplined with my savings plan.  [still trying]
• Be a more determined minimalist — only buy essential items.

* * *

There you go.

How I’m going to find the time and the money to do all these and still afford to have some savings is a $64k question. I’ll be tracking my progress every 3–4 months.

What are yours?? Are you focusing on just one or two or making your list as comprehensive as you can?

Without a doubt though, this is going to be a hectic, purposeful, excitingly fun, productive, life-changing 2011!!

Have fun y’all!

Posted 1-1-11

  1. quite an ambitious list. i feel exhausted just by going through it. but nothing is impossible to those who believe and keep the faith. go, go get ’em, tiger.

    • You’re absolutely right – it is an ambitious list. Only 4 months left to go to try and complete most of these. I don’t stress about it though, there’s always next year!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’ve been over your side of the blog world and it oozes quality. You’ll be seeing me more over your side, for sure.

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