Occupy in 2012

As inspired by an Occupy video shared by #JimParedes on Twitter, I’ve created my own list to jump-start my awesome/exciting/productive life in 2012:

  1. Have zero tolerance for B.S.
  2. Live more and more consciously.
  3. Unleash my femininity and creativity.
  4. Keep my sense of humour intact.
  5. Take better care of myself in all aspects.
  6. Embrace a minimalist lifestyle.
  7. Explore my inner consciousness (in other words, meditate).
  8. Be more true to myself regardless of what others might think and feel.
  9. Finish that LOVE book I’ve bragged about.
  10. Revive my two blogs and continue to fearlessly share my truths.

Wish you a happy, peaceful, joyful, love-filled, fun-packed and a more inspiring new year!



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