Moi – Warts, Backside and All !!

Guess who?

My first love is reading but writing follows very closely.

It used to be unknown to my family and most of my friends but my secret aspiration to be a writer is no longer a secret.

After much daydreaming, dilly-dallying and temporarily suspending my habit of procrastinating, I took the plunge and dove headfirst into writing and setting up my own blog. It’s my current passion.

Why am I putting myself on the firing line? I think it’s worth the trouble and the risk. And I’m having fun putting down my thoughts on paper, learning about blogging and making good use of some of my time.

The ‘My Aims’ page tells more about my purpose in blogging, in all seriousness.

Why ‘Earthianne’?

Familiar to my Facebook friends, I created an alter ego called ‘Tita Sexy’ (‘tita’ means Aunty), a person who is so cool, she’s hot! 😀

But with her friends and nieces mindlessly uploading photos of her in her various unflattering poses, her cover is blown.

So then I created a blog called Earthianne. This name is unique, it hasn’t been used by anyone, at least none that Google, Bing and other SEs could find.

However, there is an ‘Earthian’ which, according to Wiki, is a manga character, an angel watcher of Earth. Earthianne, is the female equivalent. But unlike the manga character, this one is real. She is for real.

Earthianne dabbles in amateur poetry and explains who she is:

Earthianne is a happy being from Earth
who is all agog about her blog
She loves to spread joy
And universal love

Earthianne is not one-dimensional
She’s open-minded and spiritual
Avoids being too judgmental
Or overly critical

She’s easygoing by nature,
And loves to giggle and laugh
She’s reserve and very quiet
At least that’s her façade

When she starts to trust you
You can’t keep her mouth shut
She can be calm, yet deep
And doesn’t take or give out bullsh*t

Love her for what she is
And you will be rewarded
You’ll have an easy-sailing relationship
With her if that’s what you wanted.

She can be serious when needed but, as a frustrated comedienne, she’s more at home trying to amuse people.

Don’t be surprised if Earthianne turns out to be ‘Tita Sexy’ in disguise. 😀

  1. and earthianne is a damn cool sounding name. well, tita sexy is too:)


  2. well, here I am, part of that Ed/Jaco universe – and so glad to find you. Your writing is really quite wonderful– very natural and alive and authentic (like you, I presume!). And, I think you’re the first WP blogger I’ve visited who is using the 4-column fjord theme so that I “get” it. Always wondered. Keep writing, tita sexy earthi anne!


    • Haha, thank you, Rachel, for calling me ‘tita sexy’ (I can hardly convince my nephews and nieces to call me that) and ‘earthy’ (I was waiting for someone to pick up on that!), and for your very flattering description of my writing. Coming from you, I’m doubly honored.

      I haven’t seen this template used by others. I thank ’Peterandrej’ for this theme, and I hope he appreciates me for appreciating his work, lol.

      Joe and Ed are two bloggers I look up to. I have many things to thank them for and now you’re one of those reasons.


  3. Hey ‘Tita Sexy’!
    One last time, I think I should let you know:
    Oél ngáti kámeie 🙂
    I’ll be ‘listening’ to you too 🙂


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s always great to read Filipinas and their insights, wherever they are on the globe. Hope you won’t mind if I add you to my list of links? 🙂


  5. Wonderful intro! And such a great name!


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