Happy 1st Blog Anniversary to me!!

Cute Liam and pretty Meme helping moi make my wishes come true. Photo by Bebot Felix

It has been one year and a bit since my first attempt to write and call myself a blogger.

A Lone Voice and a long and slow build up of desire to write started me on this blogging journey. No matter the quality of it from your perspective, Earthianne is my ”labour of love”, my ”work of art”. All up, I managed to publish about 35 blog posts only, considerably less than what I intended to and 300+ short of what other bloggers produce. For a chronic procrastinator who writes as a hobby and for someone who claims to be an ”aspiring writer”, however, I think I didn’t do too bad!

In the main, this blog has become a source of fun and laughter for me. Picture me while I’m writing/rewriting chuckling and laughing all the way to my final drafts. I laugh at my own jokes, you see.

It’s hard work but it’s fun to blog. I’ve been inspired and encouraged by the talented, intelligent, eloquent, creative, deep, helpful, friendly and caring bloggers I’ve met in the last year. I’m tickled pink seeing friends and people I know, old and new, who I didn’t/don’t really expect to care enough to be or even have time to come here, even if only occasionally, but they do. TYVM to you!

A year on, I’ve decided I’m staying put in this blogging world. It’s great to have an outlet for sharing some thoughts I keep way back in my mind because very few, if anyone these days, have time/make time or have a need for long or deep and meaningful conversations.

Allow me a few requests while you’re here.

To my friends—old, new and ‘time travellers’—would you:

READ ME. Be your bi-monthly or monthly ‘fix’, part of your online-reading routine. Your feedback is welcome so I can improve my writing.

HEAR ME. There are things I want to share; perhaps we’re in the same wavelength or maybe not. Hear my logic and perspective anyway, hear me out. Let’s learn from each other.

UNDERSTAND ME. The reasons for my writing are as I say they are, but they may change in time. After all, life changes constantly and we evolve continuously. Also, be happy for me, for whatever intrinsic satisfaction I’m getting out of writing/blogging.

ACCEPT ME. Our opinions, outlook in life, religious beliefs (if any), ideologies, philosophies, tastes, skin colour, sexual orientation, and/or even size of our waistline may differ, but that’s the beauty, and some say strength, of our being diverse. If you find yourself disagreeing with me, let’s make a deal: Let’s agree to disagree.

WATCH ME. I’ll continually learn and grow, both as a “self-published writer” and as a fellow temporary resident of earth.

TELL ME. Share what you’re thinking. Let me hear it; broaden my perspective.

TEACH ME. I’ll no doubt make mistakes, even fall flat on my face, as I cruise along, both in blogging and in this life that I now see as truly worth living. Your reminder, suggestions, advice, nudge or even comeuppance are welcome (but be gentle).

SHOW ME. It’s a two-way street: I give, you take; I take, you give. Show me and I’ll reciprocate. I’ll WATCH YOU grow, change, create, transform and/or inspire others.

HOLD ME. This is while I steady my gait in this sometimes overwhelming, sometimes lonely blogging world.

GIVE ME. Something to remember you by – a word, a comment, a constructive criticism, a food for thought, a really funny joke—which I love—and other things that come from your heart. [Special thanks to those bloggers and visitors who left comment/s here or direct messaged me.]

MASSAGE ME. No, not my ego, but my aches and pains that I sometimes feel. Soothing words, as you know, are like a balm that take away some of the occasional sadness, and past and present hurts.

HUG ME. Or I hug you — it’s the same really. For coming here, let me hug ((((YOU)))). Virtual hugs are not as warm as the ”manual” hugs (lol) but, as you know, it’s the thought that counts!

LOVE ME. What is there not to love? Just don’t ask certain people!

I’m joking, of course. I just thought a list like this can’t NOT include love! ”Love” in all its forms has become a favourite topic of mine and I’ll be tackling it here more later. Love’s a never-ending learning process for most of us. It’s the bottom line of all our desires, don’t you think? I just don’t have the constant urge to say it or the constant need to hear it (romantically speaking is another matter, lol). Actions really speak louder than words. If you love someone, show – don’t tell. Or let me clarify: show at every opportunity and say it in moments when you feel you’d burst if you don’t say, ‘I Love You‘!

To prove how grateful I am to you for taking the time to ”readme” and for me to share my LOVE of books to my cool readers, I will buy via http://www.bookdepository.co.uk (because it’s free shipping worldwide) or http://www.fishpond.com.au (because it’s free shipping in Australia) the first 3 people who comment on this WISH post a book of their choice to the value of up to A$25 (for each lucky reader).

Haha, I’ll be luCkY to get 3 comments but I’m serious! Go on, make my day. 😀

And while you’re here now, stay a while. Together, let’s enjoy the great Pink Floyd.



About Earthianne

A lover of OSHO, truth, freedom, music, non-fiction books, fun and laughter, yoga, animals and world peace. A thinking/conscious man's woman! 😁

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  1. Ha! Looks like I might be the first to comment. And since I live near the Library of Congress and several major Universities, I don’t need any books to be sent my way. I have millions at my fingertips just for the asking.

    Seriously, congratulations on your first year of blogging. Keep on writing, even if only for yourself and at your own pace. All those things you ask will come your way. Best of luck – I look forward to reading your other posts and returning to congratulate you when you complete your second year of blogging.


    • WOW! Phil, thank you! I much appreciate your lightning quick response and for commenting. I’m serious about the book offer. I love giving. Have a think about it [say a gift for your loved one?] and let me know. In the meantime, I’m off to work! Lol


      • Earthianne, I appreciate your offer, but I cannot accept it. Should you enjoy giving so much, find a local organization that may be in need of a good book and donate it there. I’m sure it will be put to good use. In the meantime, keep writing – I look forward to what you have to say.


        • Hey Phil, I respect your wish. I’m easy. I wish I was in your shoes! If I had access like you do to humongous amounts of books, I’d do the same as you – offer for others instead to have the opportunity to receive a free book. [P.S. I support my local library. I give to other people/organizations in other ways. If I find the time, I might blog about ‘giving’.]

          Thank you for your encouragement for me to write. I wish too I had great true stories like the one you have about learning about classical music and being mentored by a great, kind and generous (of his time and for sharing what he knew) teacher. I can only share my shenanigans and my simple musings. 🙂


  2. My Dearest Cye,

    On my honour, I will do my duty and READ, HEAR, UNDERSTAND, ACCEPT, WATCH, TELL, TEACH, SHOW, HOLD, GIVE, MASSAGE, HUG, and most of all LOVE you all the way to your latest blogs.

    So help me GOD!

    P.S. If you decide that I am a winner of your book offer, please order me the book “DUNE”, please. It would make my day reading science fiction classics. Thanks!


    • Boc, you’re too funny!

      I expected you to be 1 of the lucky 3! I’m glad you made it! Congratulations!

      I’m happy that you, a generous person yourself, have accepted my free gift/book offer.

      I appreciate your open and tireless support for my blog.

      Enjoy your book. It’s on the way.


  3. You absolutely do not need to send me a book. I will read your blog. Since you will be posting more than thirty times this year, you will be what I am reading! Good post, Earthianne. I loved that pig face on the previous post, but what a joy to visit tonight and find something new. Congratulations on one year!


  4. Happy Blogiversary to you, Earthianne!! What a delight to read all the things that you appreciate about blogging. I’m with you! It’s a great cyber family that we have. Big hug to you – plus I’ll send healing energy for any aches or pains! ❤


  5. @leslie – Aren’t the pigs cute?? How could anyone eat them? Lol, I was one of those pork lovers for many decades until I woke up to the realization it’s better to care for them and stop seeing them as bacon, roast pork etc. 🙂

    Thank you, Leslie! Your successful blog is something to aspire to. Alas, only to aspire to as I don’t have the know-how of producing the same beauty and level of quality of what your artist hands can create (true works of art).

    Thanks @Amy – Blogging is one of the few decisions that I think I got right, lol. I mean, sure, I’ve revealed too much of my thoughts and about myself, which I don’t really do in real life (my friends tell me I don’t say much, lol), but getting some of them off my chest has been great.

    I get so much spiritual nourishment from your souldipper blog. Connecting with my favorite bloggers like you and Leslie has been really great. I’m learning so much!

    Thanks! I expect to feel better/healed in the next few days. 🙂

    * * *

    @Leslie and Amy – you are, in effect and respectively, the 2nd and 3rd “winners” of this 1-free-book offer. As I mentioned, to the value of up to A$25. Feel free to browse http://bookdepository.co.uk and you might find a book you’d enjoy reading/having. If you prefer, DM me the title you like (and email me your postal address at earthianne at yahoo dot com). Let me know, otherwise, this offer will go to the next reader(s), who leave a comment (except the spammers!) and accept(s), if any.

    Whether people come to my blog or not, I’ll be here. I’m still having fun (writing and reading others’ blogs, which I’m not doing as much these days as I’d like but this will change soon) to give it up. This gift has no strings attached and is a genuine show of appreciation. These type of offers might only happen during my ‘blog birthdays’ (if I last the distance). 🙂


  6. Happy Anniversary Earthianne.

    I’ve enjoyed your Blog, even though I’ve not always commented. I especially liked your leadership articles – Spot on!


  7. accept me. love me. hold me.
    i’m a sucker for that shit:)
    congratulations on your accomplishment. i love how real you are.


    • Awww, thanks Ed! Lol and you are, seriously, one of the reasons I’m happy I ventured into this blogging world and through this got to know you and your brilliant ‘love letters’/stories/work, which I relished/relish reading.


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