Fun + Games + Giggles + Laughter = Young Mind and Heart

“No, we’re not going out of the house with you dressed like that! It’s too revealing! Wear something more appropriate!”

“What is wrong with th… ?”


“What if I put…”


The only time I attempt to dress “youngish” and not my age, my Gen Y daughter stops me in my tracks.

On her Facebook wall on my last birthday, she dobbed me in to her friends:

“busted my mum trying on my clothes when she’s 2 sizes bigger. Walked past her room to find her struggling to get my top past her elbows, bwahaha.”

How is that funny, Michelle??

* * *

Trying too hard to look young or sexy, made obvious by inappropriate dressing, surely backfires. On a page on Oprah’s website, it says, “The number one mistake women make is shopping by size, not by fit”. Author of Before You Put That On, Lloyd Boston, advises, “Get the clothes that fit, not the number you want to be and your clothes will look so much sexier.”

The word “sexi-er” convinced me. Lloyd, I’ll remember that next time I’m tempted to buy a size 8 top!
[Note though that it says “your clothes” will look sexier, not necessarily you! Lol]

I’m at that stage where I’m starting to see the ravages of time. Having just added another year to my ever increasing age, I think I’ll have to start asking people not to scrutinise my face. People my age have long been conscious of sagging facial skin and drooping eyelids, plus the increasing “threat of invasion” of white hair on our head.

It was about a decade ago when I start to stammer when replying to people’s questions about my age. In spite of believing age is just a number and my recent pronouncements of not shying away from admitting it, I still get tongue-tied when asked. I’m failing one of my new year’s resolutions already (of being authentic) and we’re only in January!

So I worked out a sure-fire plan to help keep our attitude and mindset as young as when we were, say, in our 20s or even 30s, to continue—with the emphasis on “continue”—to keep ourselves perpetually young in mind and young at heart, even if not in face and body.

These may not work for everyone but I’m sticking to these from now on to ensure we have as much fun while we can and we’re able and to minimise stress:

Watch your language

• Stop calling yourself “old” and stop using that word to describe people who were young once.

• If you ever need to ask someone their age, choose to say “how young are you?” You know it’s a good trick to make someone, including yourself, smile.

Be a student for life

• I joke that I’m a mature student of love (okay, I’m half serious). Whether it’s learning about love (as it’s such a broad topic), acquiring a new skill, reading, learning a new hobby or studying for a course, keep your curiosity about new things alive.

Keep your sense of fun

They say high school is one of the most fun times of one’s life and it was for me. Maintain your sense of fun and love for games just like when you were younger.

• If you’re physically able, go ahead and dance, play sports or board games or, if you dare, even naughty games! Fun!!

• Giggle a lot; laugh heartily, loudly and often (though not too much or you risk your co-workers’ ire, if you work in an office). Crack jokes but, of course, make sure not at the expense of others.

• See life only as “role playing” — at home, at work and on Earth. This should keep our ego in check and make us not think of life and oneself seriously. I’m serious!

I know this is easier said than done, especially if you’re in a middle of a serious illness or problem, or a tragedy, but then again a lot of people take a lot of things seriously even at times they shouldn’t. [See “Solutions focused” below.]

Indulge in music

There was a period of about 10 years that I stopped listening to music. Big mistake!! Music soothes our soul — those in the know say!

• One suggestion—regardless of your age—while listening to music, bop your head, let your body move to the rhythm and feel the music. Heaven!

Spring to life

• Exercise can’t be over-emphasised. One of my goals this year is to be more physically active. Kickboxing, bring it on!!

• Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wise. My parents used to drum this saying into us when my siblings and I were growing up. I struggle with this still as I come alive at night.

Glorious food

• If you haven’t started, develop an “eat-and-drink healthy-consciousness”. This means no meat, no sweets (ok, not too much and not too often is another one of my goals), saturated and trans-fat a big no-no, use salt sparingly and avoid sodas (unless you’re having it with vodka, lol).


• Affirm: I’m one of a kind… and so are you!

• Go to health retreats and give frequent special treats to self.

• Acceptance of your shortcomings, weaknesses and imperfections.

• Learn to accept and love your body, however difficult it may be to do so. Read here on how to have a healthy body image. It’s not too late!!

Solutions focused

For most of us who believe there is spirit life after physical death, we take our life on Earth so seriously. We forget it’s only temporary so therefore our respective and collective situations here are also temporary.

If tragedy strikes, of course we allow ourselves time to grieve, cry and feel pain for a while. Then we start to recover, feel better and eventually start to get over our sad situation. It’s when we drag our feelings of misery, resentment and/or self-pity for too long that can really have a detrimental effect on our health.

• Reduce, if not eliminate, negativities that we sometimes allow ourselves to indulge in. [See “Keep your sense of fun” above.]

• See problems as opportunities to learn and grow, as they say. As John Lennon puts it in Watching the Wheels, “There’s no problem; only solutions.”

• Don’t let any bastards get you down (well, at least not for long).

It’s not at all surprising that the things you can do to delay (for as long as possible, at least) one’s physical decline are also, it appears, the same things that you can do to keep your heart and mind forever young.

Image pinched from an email. If I reach her age, I promise to act like this but not to dress like this. 😀

Does young mind + young heart = immaturity??

I don’t think so. You know why?

Fun + games + giggles + tears of laughter + enjoyment = young mind and young heart.

I admit Maths isn’t my strong point, but I’m positive the above formula adds up.

* * *

Last weekend at a friend’s party, instead of spending my time conversing with adults, I spent the whole time playing Wii with a 10-year old!

While the adults in the party were probably thinking what you’re thinking, my young friend, Yashar, is now convinced his khale (auntie) is cool!

Post updated on 22 January 2011.


About Earthianne

A lover of OSHO, truth, freedom, music, non-fiction books, fun and laughter, yoga, animals and world peace. A thinking/conscious man's woman! 😁

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  1. Love it! I agree this is the way forward in our lives, we need to focus on each day and make it better.

    What’s the point of drifting along, when our time is up, how would we like to be remembered, as a caring person who had a full life? or someone that was always there in the background but there were no stories to tell of the person’s life?

    And I can see you dressed in that outfit, but it would have to have orange in there somewhere! You are a continuing inspiration!

    PS I love Wii, I don’t own one but I’ve played my brother’s and am hooked.


    • Thanks Kay! Love seeing you here for the 1st time. 🙂

      Let’s enjoy life while we can, take things easy. I have issues at work that gets me down. I console myself with the fact there is only ONE negative at work but there are MANY other good reasons there to feel good about.

      Yes, orange will be a big part of my attire in my old age.

      Just started to play it very recently. Bowling is my current fave and I won’t stop practicing baseball until I hit some home runs! It’s fun.


  2. Stay as cool as you are, Auntie Cye. Cheers!


  3. I firmly believe like you do that a young mind and keeping in touch with your inner child is the best approach.
    Though we should accept physical limitations as they appear.
    Great post here.


    • True. As Don Miguel Ruiz said, “The happiest moments in your life are when you are playing just like a child, when you are singing and dancing, when you are exploring and creating just for fun…”.

      Many thanks for dropping by. 🙂


  4. Wow! I’m so glad you have introduced me to your blog. I must admit I didn’t have a chance to read through all of your posts, but I did have a look at some of the most recent ones. I find your writing quite inspirational. In fact, it has motivated me to set some of my own goals and lifestyle choices for the rest of 2011. I believe you are only as young as you feel, and I love the fact that you spoke about enjoying it and laughing. I find that today with all the seriousness facing the world people often forget to smile, laugh and have a good time. It’s the little things like these that can not only help ourselves feel young and happy at heart, but also others around us. I really enjoyed your writing style. I found it conversational and motivating. I look forward to continue following your blog. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Yay!! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for being brave enough to comment. And now you understand why I laugh too much, lol.

      That’s great to hear. Sussing out what you want to do and making concrete plans help in making sure you get to do them.

      I much appreciate your visit, Christine!


  5. Hey, come on over and let’s do some Wii!! No glasses, hearing aids, or meds allowed. Free fall into fun!


  6. his auntie is indeed cool. western society hates age. we shouldn’t feel this way about ourselves, but we do. it’s really not our fault. being at peace with aging, as i am attempting to do myself, is a battle against our own programming, at least mine.

    thanks for getting the book like that. that is so cool. i’m grateful.


    • For real. I mean not that I’m cool but that “society hates age”, as you say. 🙂

      I’m actually fine with aging except when I meet agists, lol.

      What aging are you talking about—you??! If your photo is any indication, you’ve got a long way to go before people consider you “old” looking, lol. Honest!

      Can’t wait to get this book! Cool stuff! Orange Embers, my absolute favourite. 😉


  7. Reading your posts was a great pleasure, thanks for entertaining. Obviously keeping our mind much younger let us enjoy anything in life, including party! And the post reminded me about that.


    • Many thanks, Jguno. I’m glad you like this post and get my humor. Yes, enjoy parties as often and for as long as you can. (Don’t tell your parents I said that, lol.)

      Enjoy life, learn everything you can, have fun!


  8. The demons that possess this phase called menopause have been taunting me in the recent months, forcing me to tame my tongue lest unchecked emotions erupt with regret. I now confirm that God’s language is silence. Less talk, less mistake. Hahaha. For now laughter feeds my soul as I afford myself doses of humor your blogs provide. Thank you! Happy Birthday, girl! Glad to know, you are not growing old. Growing comfy in your body, mind, heart and soul becomes you.


    • Allo Ms SlimSam! It’s very nice of you to come by! Recently I was wondering when I was going to see you again here. It seems my telephatic skills is improving!

      Menopause, what’s that?? Lol, I figure if I don’t know anything about menopause, then I won’t recognise it when it comes and it will just go away by itself, without me knowing it ever came!! Hahaha!

      I try to inject more lighthearted humor to my posts though I put some serious stuff as well sometimes to make it appear I’m “versatile”, lol.

      These days and for a long time, I take laughter as my medicine and giggles as my supplements. It seems to work.

      Muchos gracias, mi amiga! You’re too kind.


  9. Inspiring post, Earthianne! I never had the age problem as I don’t want to go back and go through some of the things I had to work through a second time. I’m pretty much enjoying being grandma and I just may dress like that someday (the picture posted above). I love the poem Someday I Shall Wear Purple one?


    • Thanks, Leslie! I’ll probably become more fashion conscious as I age, lol. And I’m a lover of orange so I see lots of sunshine, good health, fun (wink) + more in my future!


  10. A few months ago I saw a woman at the post office wearing booty shorts, a spagetti strap top, heels and pig-tails. She had the skinniest, most wrinkled legs/arms imaginable, her hair was gray, and when she turned around she had so many wrinkles on her face it looked as if she’d replaced her head with a giant raisin.

    It was scary.

    I realize she probably thought she looked “young” and “fresh” and told herself this as she dressed this way, the reality is it made her look about the same age as yoda.

    Her friend with her, about the same age, was dressed in a tailored business suit, style hair. She had the same amount of wrinkles on her face, yet somehow, she looked about 840 years younger than her friend.

    I promised myself to dress more like the business suit lady as time wore on. >.<


    • Lol, I’ve seen those types. Whatever suits their fancy, I guess.

      I’ve never been fashion conscious but that might have to change. At any rate, my daughter will put me in my place if it looks like I’m trying too hard.

      Yes, I’d go for the classy look too, if I could.


  11. If I get rid of the ‘old’ then the name of my blog will have to go and I don’t wanna do that. I’m an absurd old bird and I’m stickin’ like that, but – hey – that’s my sense of humour, y’know?! Oh – and that bird in the photos – she’s actually 17 but she partied too much!


    • Umm… I still wouldn’t use the word “old”. Has it got a special meaning for you, the name ‘absurd old bird’? How about ‘absurd yet cool bird’ or something like that? Lol.

      I’ll go and check out your site anyway.


      • I quite like thinking of myself as ‘old’ because I had so many problems accepting myself when I was younger. When I was in my thirties I longed to be 50 as I thought that all my problems (see my current post about the gemstone pool) would somehow magically go away. Of course that didn’t happen, but I’ve always regarded ‘old’ as a positive. Why should an ‘old’ person be any different, for instance, from an old pair of jeans that’s well loved? One doesn’t refer to the jeans as ‘young’ because they’re not. It’s just a word, when all’s said and done.


        • I agree with the word “old”. I like the age I am now. I don’t think of old as a negative but, rather, “aged to perfection”. There is something special about this time of our lives. 🙂


        • Thanks to you both for sharing your thoughts on this topic. It’s good to hear women feeling comfortable about their age. Compared to when I was younger, I’m now more optimistic, happy, self-aware and self-assured person than I ever was. To me ‘old’ means slowing down, retirement etc. You can be active and busy even in old age, but I’m just not prepared to be called that yet, lol.


          • Er… would you say how old (or if you prefer, how young) you actually are?


          • I’m being over-confident putting ‘confident’ when I already have ‘self-assured’, lol. Ummm, did I forget to say I’m “chicken”? Well, I can be. I was put on the spot once or twice before and my mouth wouldn’t open. I tell people if I’m asked discreetly, I wouldn’t mind saying. I may DM you later, lol.


  12. hello!


  13. jesswords10

    haha, when I first started reading I reversed the speakers and thought it might be you chastising your daughter! big surprise! Thanks for sharing your tips on how to mature with childlike enthusiasm!


    • Hi Jess,

      Nice to meet you. “Mature with a childlike enthusiasm” – I think it’s the best way to age. Thanks for the visit and leaving a comment. 🙂


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