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[This was originally a guest post but have since got the rights back to publish in my blog. I thank Joe for allowing this.]

For those of us who desire to be more comfortable in our own skin but don’t have the courage to do so, writing is the next best thing.

Well-known author and poet, Paulo Coelho, tweets writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public.

When I started my personal blog, a few people told me I was being brave. I didn’t realize it then, but they were really telling me I was needlessly exposing myself to the entire world.

For a nude prude like me, showing too much flesh doesn’t come naturally. So why the sudden disregard for modesty?

To answer that question, let’s compare how I see getting undressed to writing for blogs:

1. There is supposedly an art to undressing; while writing is definitely an art.

2. Unbuttoning your clothing is like uncovering your innermost thoughts so you can prepare to write.

3. Removing your top is like getting rid of unnecessary mental baggage and putting it on paper.

4. Unzipping your trousers or your skirt is like opening up yourself and your life, and risking being scrutinized.

5. Slowly removing your undergarments is like slowly stripping away self-consciousness and the fear of embarrassing yourself, as you risk being criticized.

6. As you dance to the music and strut while peeling off each layer of clothing, in writing you silently peel away your personas and reveal facets of your more authentic self that you don’t dare show many people, sometimes even those close to you.

7. Being naked makes you feel vulnerable; but so does writing and disclosing your secret life.

So what good does exposing figuratively and/or literally in public do for writers? Writing is liberating and therapeutic. In the right place, so is undressing and being naked.

I quite enjoy writing and wish I did it sooner. I’ve been laughing a lot, sometimes almost to tears, reminiscing funny incidents that have happened in my life. I’ve also cried my eyes out, though not too many times, remembering sad and painful moments that are best forgotten.

I highly recommend it, writing I mean. I can’t say the same for getting naked, but you’ll surely laugh yourself silly looking in the mirror and seeing how funny you appear. Either that or you’ll cry your heart out dwelling over real or imagined imperfections.

My life, little parts of it at least, is now an open book, or should I say an open blog. So in my husky voice I dare say, “Look at me in all my naked glory – moles, scars, warts and all!,” while I stumble as I strut in my red stiletto shoes and pretend to be comfortable writing my life away.

P.S. I don’t really have warts. 😛

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About Earthianne

A lover of OSHO, truth, freedom, music, non-fiction books, fun and laughter, yoga, animals and world peace. A thinking/conscious man's woman! 😁

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  1. I think I needed to read this. Writing is very liberating and I may have allowed myself to let my guard down more when I write, than I would in real life.

    Such lovely thoughts! 🙂


  2. Wow, I am going to try that. Seriously. But I need to wait until next summer. It’s cold in the mountains where I live.


  3. There are some pretty great examples of writers who did both, simultaneously, here: http://www.neatorama.com/2007/01/30/the-naked-truth-authors-who-write-in-the-buff/.

    Heck, I do it all the time. The baristas keeps telling me not to, but what do they know. Refill please!


  4. hi earthianne

    writing, for me, does not come easy. i have to be very inspired for my creative juices to continue flowing…i so admire your talent..keep it up!!


  5. @Ivy – I actually regret telling everyone I know about my blog, haha. I find I censor myself a lot and there are things I’d like to share but I hold back. Over time, let’s see if this changes.

    @Michael – you’re game, that’s good, lol. Again, it’s a cultural thing as it’s not as easy for Asians to do that.

    @Michael Lockhart – lol, ok, you convince me it’s no big deal. If one day you see my writing vastly improved, you’d know why. Thanks for the link/info.

    @Anonymous – TY. CDP?? 🙂

    Muchas gracias all for taking a ‘peek’. 🙂


  6. I love to read, Earthianne. I believe putting one’s creation “out there” to share is a very brave thing, indeed. I think nakedness is like anything else. There is tasteful naked (and I do not mean body beautiful) and there is naked that I don’t care to view. I draw naked people. We call them figures or life study. I view the written word the same way. For those who criticize sharing through a blog? I have experienced very few stalkers, here, in blogland and there are ways of tastefully sharing. Good post. Good writing.


  7. Loved seeing this again, sexiearthi. I originally saw it on Joe’s blog, and it was how I “met” you. Thought it was masterfully done – and still do. I have recently been a little ambivalent about my blog, because I miss the tactile experience that “real life” brings: the touch, the smell, the taste, the sounds of another being and the energetic transfer that takes place in close company. More and more, I want to take all my words off the screen, onto the road, and into the flesh. Got an extra pair of red stilettos?


  8. @leslie – so am I, though my topics of interest is narrow, mainly non-fiction. You’re right, ‘exposing’ oneself, literally and figuratively, can be done tastefully. However, I don’t see myself doing both anytime soon (at least, from what I’ve revealed of my life so far).

    @rachel – I do if you’re a size 7.5?? Even in my high-heels-shoe-wearing, thin-as-a-stick days, I couldn’t wear stiletto shoes. I’m daggy like that.

    You have a very rich, intelligent, food-for-the-soul content. The more they’re available in whatever medium and ways, the better they can help many, if only they listen.

    Many thanks to you both for your visit and compliments.


  9. Now that I live way out in the “sticks,” about the only time I put on heels of any kind is to dance around my living room. Even so, I usually kick them off after about 15 minutes. Maybe my high-heels-shoe-wearing days are yet to unfold…


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