Conscious Acts of Love

A friend kindly shared this with me about her better half:

Every morning, when I come downstairs after getting ready for work, Gary has fed our bird, got our dog’s food ready, put bread in the toaster for me, or whatever I’m having at the time, and is eating his own breakfast.

On occasion, he will say I love you, and it’s always wonderful to hear it, but all these things he does, he does to say I love you!

* * *

Words of love are sometimes expressed far too casually. Acts of love is my preferred ‘default’ mode.

People somehow feel insecure when you don’t affirm your love through words and take for granted other deeper, meaningful ways you demonstrate it to them.

To people who know me but have never heard me tell them I love them, let me count the many other ways you can be reassured:

1. See it in my kindness and random displays of thoughtfulness.

2. Hear it in my giggles and laughter in my constant attempt and desire to amuse you or those times when I’m amused by you.

3. Smell it in my willingness to help, even in small or insignificant ways.

4. Taste it in my quiet and sometimes inaudible words of appreciation for every little or big thing you do.

5. Be touched by my support and encouragement (more often than not) for what your heart desires to do.

6. Accept it in my periods of generosity and little hint of selfishness.

7. ‘Get it’ in my deep reservoir of patience and appreciate not many are as patient.

8. Listen to the gentle way I speak, which others mistake for meekness.

9. Observe it in my being polite regardless of your status in life, and rare* outbursts of anger or rudeness.

10. Know it each time I give in and indulge you, even if it seems I do it more often than you.

11. Notice it in my tolerance of many things, even in those times I shouldn’t tolerate them.

12. Understand it in the absence of nagging, especially in those times you’d more appreciate silence.

13. Sense it in my being considerate and understanding, even if sometimes you don’t know why I do what I do.

14. Detect it in my instinct to tell the truth and be as honest as I possibly can.

15. Appreciate it in my sense of fair play and devoid of any thoughts to deceive or use you.

16. Feel the love in how I treat your loved ones and friends.

I could go on and on…

My point is love can be expressed in more ways than one. Words of love don’t guarantee true love. I ‘ooze’ love through these every day and sometimes deliberate actions. Acts of love, if done consistently and consciously, are more real and convincing.

I wish more people were like Gary in the quote above. No matter how often you say it, marry loving words with consistent loving actions.

These are my perspectives on love. What are yours?

* I’m lucky that only few people rub me the wrong way.


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A lover of OSHO, truth, freedom, music, non-fiction books, fun and laughter, yoga, animals and world peace. A thinking/conscious man's woman! 😁

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  1. Cye,

    Your point is very well noted. I am now aware how you treated me and I thank you for bearing with me for so long now. I remain. Cheers!

    Hi Boc, hopefully family and friends can see the angle where I’m looking at regarding this topic. Thanks, ikaw lang ang malakas ang loob mag-comment. You’re fearless! Lol


  2. Lovely blog and I am sure you are an especially loving person. I agree with you about doing things being more important than saying things. That is especially true about love.

    I do believe however, that the words are important too. In my case, I just have this need to hear them sometimes and the saying is, as a matter of fact, the doing.

    Thank you so much for your inspiring and encouraging blog. There are so many beautiful layers of it.

    Hello Michael, thank you for your kind words. I completely agree that the saying is the doing. I’m not saying say it less. Truth is, I’d like to hear it as often too (talk about double standards! haha), but what I’m saying is when you do, mean it. I overhear people say it often but sometimes their actions don’t match their words.


  3. Beautiful reminders. Now…can I do them without them being “me” based? Can I do and be those purely by default. Oh, may I gain ground – millimeter by nono millimeter!

    @souldipper, though I said and I strive to make them my ‘default’, it’s a struggle on occasions when people push, poke and provoke. Not easy to embody ‘love’ all the time, especially during the times it’s easier to snap, be angry or even hate. Yes, doing and being them regardless of how you are treated by others is a lifetime goal. One could only hope and try. 🙂

    I thank you for visiting my blog. I’ve been over to yours and your blog is of interest to me. I love reading about other realms, etc. because it makes absolute sense to me. I’ve read up on those subjects for years and I still can’t get enough.


  4. Finally had the time, though short, to comment. I agree with all of the things that had bn said here. I really do. BUT hearing it from people you know truly loves you is like putting an ‘icing on the cake’. It feels good for many including ‘moi’. Though I must admit some has the tendency to ‘overdo’ it at times that it somehow ‘lessen the value’. To be fair too to some people who lacks the sensitivity, those who love you but doesn’t or not able to show it because they weren’t raised or it is not their personality (we may know same people lol) in spite of ‘lack of action’ we know (as you said it IS a given) we always have their back come what may and that they love us. Btw, Great blog. Looking forward to reading your very interesting blog. I do get to pick up bits and pcs of useful insights. And, I get to know what’s on that head of yours which we seldom hear outloud. Oopsie.. Last but not the least, i love you. ~_^


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