Luscious Me!

There is a certain race of people who considers me fat. They call me fat. They’re wrong and I would say unimaginative!

Even if one is fat, how hard can it be to lose excess weight? If I make it sound so easy, losing body fat isn’t really rocket science:

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Eat more of the power foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, certain nuts and grains. Less of the wrong foods like fat-filled, sugar-filled and too-much-salt food.

Have a small portion of food when you feel hungry and don’t overeat. Make sure you drink plenty of water and no carbonated sodas (including diet drinks), and limit your alcohol intake.

Complement this with regular and vigorous exercise and—voilà—you have a body that is the envy of women, and a physique that men ogle at and admire.

I am not saying it’s a good thing, to be ogled or stared at. I mentioned about my being a nude prude in my Unzipped guest post and my not being keen on going to beaches in my last post, Wish You Were Here.

During my recent foray on a beach, I bravely donned a 2-piece swimsuit (well, a skimpy boy shorts with a top is a 2-piece swimsuit to me). It wasn’t a very revealing piece of swimwear, really, but enough to show some excess bits – the unwanted bits.

However, I might as well have gone naked as I was stared at, scrutinised, looked over from top to bottom and back again! The experience was disconcerting, and I now have to think twice before wearing a swimsuit ever again in public. I’m talking about my parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces, and other close and distant relatives who I only see about once or twice a year! Whether they were staring at me in admiration or derision, I couldn’t tell without my eyeglasses.

Do you think this experience has spurred me on to lose any excess weight and apply self-discipline in my fitness regime? Because that’s all it is, really. Aside from knowing the basics of maintaining a healthy weight as described above, you need to fix your sight on your goal, if losing weight is your goal, and instill the discipline to keep at it.

To answer my own question above: no, maybe not. Over my lunch of cheese-topped grilled fish with prawns and fries, with half-touched salad on the side, a non-Filipino colleague-friend assured me, you’re not really fat; you’re more like… ‘beautifully plump’!

Thinking about this unique description, a picture comes to mind: that of a plump fruit — luscious, delicious, sweet!

Uhmmm… I’m beginning to like this new description. It not only makes me feel ‘sexy’, it makes me want to eat!

From now on, call me those beautiful, mouth-watering names. Just don’t call me ‘fat’ because I’m not* and ‘fat’ is just plain boring!

* * *

*those who genuinely like me can’t see it. 🙂

Disclaimer: For a more reliable information on health, nutrition and exercise, please do your own research and get advice from medically-qualified people.


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  1. Well, if you eat and exercise, you are healthy and therefore not overweight. Some cultures (Thai for example) tend to be very direct about calling people fat, although I don’t know if you were joking about it in your opening. For a man it is a compliment of sorts, because it implies wealth. For a woman it is a little more grave but usually said and taken the same way as “that is green” is taken. Don’t worry about what others think if you are comfortable with yourself in a swim suit. By the way, I kind of ogle people but in a discreet and polite kind of way. Many thanks for your thought provoking blog.


    • It’s actually true what I said about being referred to as ‘fat’ by my countrymen. Overweight people are perennially the butt of jokes and, like Thais as you said, they’re very direct in calling people fat. It’s an Asian culture thing, perhaps (the directness in calling someone fat)?

      Maybe it’s not coming across but I mean it in a lighthearted way. There’s part 2 to this (sort-of) rant, which explains the situation in some more detail. I’m a frustrated comic so where I can inject humor and say things in a tongue-in-cheek way, I do. 🙂

      Everyone ogles, I think, but it must be done discreetly. Thank you for your comment.


  2. Being De-Luscious and De-Lightful and De-Lovely is the hallmark of a spirited, juicy — and yes, sexy — woman. Like age, weight is just a number. I’ll bet everyone was checking you out in admiration – like a gorgeous piece of art in a world-class gallery. Like everyone stares at the Mona Lisa. If you feel great, then you ARE! ( :


    • Many thanks for your heart-warming words, Rachel, and I’m delighted you have come by! I feel good, though I feel I have yet to come fully alive (and those who can see past numbers and shapes will be well-rewarded in some other ways.) 😉


  3. I have been trying to lose weight myself, since I am borderline overweight for my height and I have a strong history of hypertension and early strokes in my family. I have never worn a swimsuit that showed off my abdomen, simply because I have “handles” there.

    I sort of envy other cultures since the Filipino attitude towards swimsuits can sometimes be so rigid and judgmental.


    • Yeah, and they make fun of overweight people as well. It’s part of our culture. And, lol, wait till I tell you my experiences.
      P.S. I saw your photos taken in Zambales, you don’t look fat/borderline fat!!


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