Wish You Were Here

I’m staring at my tiny feet half-buried in the white, powder-fine sand…

I feel the heat of the late morning sun. As my family and I start to walk to join others already frolicking on the beach, I pull a face of discomfort and cry out for my slippers. It’s a short walk, but I can barely tolerate the hot sand scorching my bare feet.

Grasping my mother’s hand, we rush toward the water. I feel relief as I step on the cool water, the wave washing over my feet. Members of my family laugh and enjoy themselves. I shiver and my jaw quivers, while I play in the water for just a little bit. My mother wraps a towel around me and it’s a welcome relief.

We walk back to where the rest of the clan is and find them enjoying freshly-grilled fish for lunch. This time, I notice the now cream-colour sand clinging to my cold, wet feet. Feeling sticky, at this moment I decided I don’t like going to the beach or swimming or walking barefoot in the hot sand. (LOL)

* * *

Though hazy, this is my very first recollection of going to this much-loved island when I was little. Wish I could tell you more but that’s all I remember.

I wasn’t really intending to be here at this time but I’m back. I’ve only visited the place three other times since. Now much, much, muccchhh older, I make sure I bring my own slippers (or thongs)!

As I sit in my cossies in this island facing the Pacific Ocean somewhere in the southeast, surrounded by dalisay and coconut trees, or walk alone and along this short stretch of seashore, I contemplate Rachel Snyder’s invitation and consider my next move.

In this tiny but easily-accessible island, one can appreciate the crystal clear, blue-green sea. It’s a perfect place for sea diving, I was told; or to snorkel and ogle at its rich marine life; or do more simple pleasures like enjoying the views, while sipping fresh, sweet coconut juice; or explore a hidden cave for the more adventurous.

Ahhh… holiday!

Yes, Earthianne, has been on holiday mode and taking a break from working and blogging… but only for a short time.

About Earthianne

A lover of OSHO, truth, freedom, music, non-fiction books, fun and laughter, yoga, animals and world peace. A thinking/conscious man's woman! 😁

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  1. Ohh, I can almost feel the moist sand and taste the sweet coconut juice! Enjoy every single moment of your holiday — and thank you for linking over to my poem, “the invitation.” Good to know that my words can bask in a Pacific paradise for a while –even if I can’t. Geez, how am I gonna keep ’em down in dry, dusty cattle ranch country after this!?!


  2. what a beautiful moment. that towel feels so good wrapping around, it sure does.


  3. I love islands. I was fortunate to live on Phuket in Thailand before the developers came in. I once took the ferry from Turko, Finland to Stockholm and was fascinated by the hundreds of islands.

    Your blog captured the feeling of being in those wondrous places again. Thanks,


  4. @Rachel, I did – fun and stress-busting (though those who prepared food etc while I was there might not see it that way, lol). Thank you for composing ‘the invitation’ and sharing it with everyone ready to hear it.

    @Ed, going to beaches is one of those things I took forever to appreciate, but I’m starting to enjoy it and might do it more often!

    @Michael, I toyed with the idea of giving up everything and live simply in an island somewhere. You don’t really need much: food from the sea and coconuts (with its many uses) abound. It’s a real possibility for me but, at the same time, I’m a city girl by heart so I’m not sure how long I’d last if I do it.

    Speaking of developers, our problem in my ancestor’s hometown (and surrounding areas) are miners whose only concern is profit at the expense of the environment and farmers’ and other people’s livelihood (not to mention safety and life). If I get more info, I’ll try and blog about it.

    @all above, I see you’ve been busy. I read your posts and will be back later to offer my thoughts/opinions.


  5. Let me see now. Sun. Sand. Surf – and a holiday!

    I think we should swap.

    You could have my Rain. Clouds. Damp.

    Truly. merry England has much to offer. We just dont do Sun. Sand. Surf.


  6. @calthai – so do I, Michael, so do I.

    @Buddhihermit – Visit Oz, you’ll love it here. There’s plenty of sun, sand and surf! Never visited England, the whole of Europe actually, but it’s on the agenda in a distant future. 🙂


  7. My ultimate dream has been to live right beside a beach, a few meters away from dipping my toes into the clear waters.

    Oh, but yes we can dream 🙂


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