My Brush With a Cult

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I let someone talk me into attending a play. What the play is about was vaguely explained to me but, being an easygoing person, I didn’t ask too many questions and agreed.

I had some spare cash and lots of free time so off from work I went. For a “measly” A$25 and “only” 4.5 hours of my time, including travel time, I had a reasonable expectation that I was going to enjoy myself.

The play already started when I got there. I found a seat and then quickly scanned my surroundings. It was a small hall, filled with less than 100 people.

The play turned out to be the most boring thing since [fill in the blank with whatever is the most excruciatingly boring thing for you]. The performers were reading from a script, were overacting and still managed to be unconvincing.

I won’t bore you with details about the play or the group, not only because it bored me to tears but I was overcome with disbelief that I tried to forget this ever happened. I just remembered the incident out of the blue.

To make this short story shorter, it turned out that I was watching a play by a CULT, trying their hardest to convince their audience and themselves that they are not in any way, shape or form, a CULT!

Apparently, a few individuals and groups have accused them of being so. Don’t ask me how I knew those accusers were right. You don’t spend a whole hour—perhaps the whole play—justifying why your group is not a cult.

It’s embarrassing to admit to you what sort of things I sometimes find myself in because:

I’m being too nice, silly, gullible, naive, plain stupid, sleep-deprived, got up from the wrong side of the bed, depressed-and-unaware-of-it, uhmmm… dumb, or all of the above reasons.

What’s doubly insane is I actually paid money so I could waste my time, make myself out of pocket and bore myself to death. I could have wasted my time for free, or at least spent less doing something less stupidly boring.

After a longer-time than was necessary, I got up and left. When I was out of the hall, I rushed outside, trembling and fearing they were going to stop and try and brainwash me.

Of course, it was only my imagination running wild but my heart was racing. I only calmed down when I realised no one was following me.

In my eternal quest for enlightenment, I almost plunge myself deep into the world of the silly. I had my closest brush with a cult, or… well… at least a cult-like group.

Note to self: Please spend your time and money wisely, ask a lot of questions and use your thinking skills coz that’s what the brain is for.

You are welcome to berate me. 🙂



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A lover of OSHO, truth, freedom, music, non-fiction books, fun and laughter, yoga, animals and world peace. A thinking/conscious man's woman! 😁

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  1. I remember you as the wise one when it came to saving money – ha!ha! $25 for watching the CULT… did your other half know where you wasted your money. Sometimes we all get a bit side tracked but hey that is life. Money comes money goes whether it is spent wisely or not.


    • If I ever gave that impression, that’s not right, lol. However, I do remember the good old times when we did spend our money ‘wisely’ at ‘The Church’ in North Sydney with Niamh!


  2. sounds fun!
    next time go out for drinks with them. i’d love to see if a cult could convince me into their cause. surely, they could. i say that becuz, well, it’s happened before:)


  3. they were a bunch of catholic hippie types in la i lived with for two years. they run a major soup kitchen in skid row. they do amazing work. they are believers in liberation theology, in that only overthrowing the system will bring salvation. i drafted out a book on the whole experience. hopefully i’ll finish it this year.


    • I’d be interested to read what happened.

      Speaking of cults, there’s a guru whose teachings I am hooked. He was certainly controversial, and deliberately so. I’ve read some of his books, watched videos and read info online (for and against him).

      Someone with an outrageous sense of humor must be the real deal, lol. However, there are claims he was a phoney, a manipulator. There’s even a new movie about him depicting him as such. However, I’ll let no movie or negative press influence my thinking.

      But, how do you really know if you’re dealing with a cult? I think one of the beauty of refusing to be part of any group is you don’t get sucked in to anything which turns out to be false.


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