A True and Unique Story

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My fingers can’t type fast enough to match your enthusiasm for reading my blog. It’s a good line but it’s not entirely true (haha).

I’m just excited to release my next story coz I think it’s a really good one. Don’t just take my word for it, read it as soon as you’re able (available April 30 at 8 am, Sydney time).

It may sound incredible but it’s a true and unique story, as seen from the eyes of a very ‘adorable and endearing’ toddler and narrated by a now getting-wrinkly mother (Lol).

The incident affected me more than I remember/realised that it became obvious on the page – you’ll see.

Just repeating: your comments/feedback are very welcome wherever you’re comfortable to say it – Facebook (if we’re friends), email and/or my blog.

My planned posts may be more and more disagreeing (if not controversial) with some, if not most, of you, but feel free to voice your own opinion if you want/feel the need to. And I’ll publish them even if they’re disagreeable (promise).

BTW, as my ‘backside’ is featured ‘prominently’ in my blog intro, I’ve uploaded a photo of ‘it’, haha. I was cracking up for a bit after uploading the image (will take it down one day). I’ll never stop trying to tickle your funny bone (and mine). The ‘humorist’ blood that ran through my paternal grandfather’s veins (as well as my father, uncles etc) runs through mine.

These stories/musings/opinions etc will trickle down from weekly to maybe monthly and then nothing. A time will one day come when there’d be nothing much else to write about. There are many things I just can’t share or say.

For now, I’m really enjoying ‘blogging’ (journal/opinion blog), if only for the laughter that it’s eliciting from me.

A true and unique story: Forever Sleep


About Earthianne

A lover of OSHO, truth, freedom, music, non-fiction books, fun and laughter, yoga, animals and world peace. A thinking/conscious man's woman! 😁

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