Jumping Off the Facebook Bandwagon (part 2 of 2)

If your friends post incriminating, unflattering or embarrassing photos of you (at least in your opinion) and they seem to derive enjoyment from it, make light of your feelings of horror and unease, and can’t seem to understand the big fuzz, then you’re not alone.

And if your family and friends are not as uptight, concerned, careful or strict as you concerning their privacy settings, then you’re also in for a rude shock.

For some of you not in the know:

1. your friends may not let non-friends see their wall and other information, but they somehow let everyone else see their albums, including their past profile photos and photos with you on them!
2. the only few reasons to make your ‘Information’ open for all to see is if there are no sensitive information, you’re looking for friends and/or dates, or you want to promote a business, if any.
3. even if you don’t let your friends see tagged photos/videos of you, if the friend who posted photos/videos of you have common friends with you, your common friends will see those tagged photos/videos. If you’re trying to maintain an image, albeit not entirely true, of coolness and ’hotness’, then you can forget all about it. As I found out to my consternation, some people will spoil it for you.
4. you may set enough restrictions on your own content but if your friends are not so conscious or don’t really care, then you’re out of luck as you have no control over their content (their albums with photos of you on them, for example)
5. if your page or albums are set up to be seen by ’everybody’, then everybody—friends and non-friends alike—can see them. ‘Everybody’ is not just all of your friends but everybody in the whole FB community!

So here you are being careful and conscious on who sees which of your photos, and you have friends who post photos of you on their page and willingly or, quite often, unknowingly sharing them with the whole FB world!

If you’re ‘slightly’ worried like me, here’s what you can do:

1. do nothing. Just bite the bullet and accept the inevitability of the inevitable (a comment you posted on a friend’s wall or a photo of you posted by someone else turning up in a publication somewhere because of their lax privacy setting, for example [notwithstanding copyright issues]).
2. say a virtual goodbye to your friends. Then have FB delete your account, not just deactivate it (you’ve exposed yourself enough).
3. hide or remove everything. Don’t post anything else and stick to harmless posts and activities like playing Farmville and the like (though, apparently, if you get addicted—which a lot of people are—it could cost you money).
4. post everything. Follow the old adage – if you can’t beat them, join them! Upload photos of your family and friends with their cellulite showing! Sweet revenge!
5. decline all invitations to any function. Whether you’re a FB user (or any other online social network) or not, stop going to parties and other events where you know everybody has a digital camera and everyone happily taking snaps of every mouthful of food you take, of every facial expression you make. There is no prize in guessing they will post your photos with or without your permission, and with or without restrictions set on who can view them.
6. don’t worry about the cameras. Make sure you bring your own at every function you attend and take snaps of everyone in their unguarded moments. Anyone posting a photo of you without your permission, post one back of that person and use the most unflattering one that you can find. Tit for tat!
7. post all the incriminating, embarrassing or really ugly photos of yourself. Pre-empt those indiscriminately-uploading-photo ‘friends’ of yours. Any unflattering photos of you posted by others from then on would look pretty ok in comparison.

I’ve been contemplating on whether to continue to be a part of this FB bandwagon. Perhaps ‘jump off it’ and start living more in the real world?

I use FB to connect, to engage, to be involved, to share, to vent, to try and be funny, to try and amuse my friends, to show off, to be a fan of whatever/whoever, to learn, to see, to know, to watch, to keep me and my friends mutually up-to-date with tiny bits of goings on in our lives, and even to sometimes… stalk. That’s why I said I’m in a quandary.

Your thoughts?

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  1. good info, thanks. I have edited my FB privacy levels after reading this.


    • Good on you! You’re the 2nd person to do so (FB isn’t going to like me, like I matter out of the 500m FB’rs lol).

      BTW, to all the ‘brave commenters’ here, you all made my day (the last couple of days).


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