A Lone Voice

Dear old and new friends, welcome to my first ever blog.

From years of listening, watching, observing, reading, introspecting, remembering and endless daydreaming, come thoughts, opinions, conclusions, judgments and beliefs. This blog will be my platform for expressing my voice—a lone voice. No longer content to remain and watch from the sidelines, my backside (see ‘Moi – Warts, Backside and All’ page) is sore from sitting on the fence too long. 🙂

From that tiny seed of encouragement over 15 years ago that I should write, from an old friend called Niamh, I’ve progressed from a frustrated writer to… a budding writer. Yes, the progression has been at a snail’s pace but I finally got here one snail-pace step at a time.

It might take you forever to get to your destination and you may move yourself one inch at a time if you want to, but you have to make that first move. To get to where you want to be, you have to, at the very least, stir. It’s like playing a game of chess. The game can’t begin until the first player, no matter how slow, makes the first move.

If I’ve satisfied you with my excuse for taking almost two decades to do what I’ve been wanting to do, then I’m happy. Who knows where this game of words will take me, but I hope you’ll join me for the ride. I may have started slowly but now I’m raring to go. With renewed courage and a chunk of craziness for throwing caution to the wind, my itchy feet are ready to hitch a ride on a bullet slow train to becoming a fully-fledged writer.

This is not to say I won’t ever go back there, to sit on the fence. I enjoy it there, often smiling in bemusement and at other times indifferent, quietly watching the dramas unfold around me. I don’t and won’t always take sides but I will offer my two cents. I have feelings and opinions unexpressed, and memories and points of view unshared, biding my time until the spirit moved me to write them down and share them with you.

If any of the future topics I discuss make you feel happy, sad, surprised, amused, shocked, irked or cause any form of reaction, I’d be happy to hear… your voice… and share what you feel.

I work full-time and have other activities that occupy my time and mind but, from this point on, I’ll endeavour to write as often as I can.



About Earthianne

A lover of OSHO, truth, freedom, music, non-fiction books, fun and laughter, yoga, animals and world peace. A thinking/conscious man's woman! 😁

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  1. How very inspiring – congratulations for taking the plunge!


  2. Consider me inspired! Can’t wait for the next one… 🙂


    • I didn’t make you wait too much, did I? I’m matching my enthusiasm (at this time) to write by your enthusiasm to read my ‘ramblings’. Thanks!


  3. How lovely to hear you again… through the power of words.

    I can’t wait to hear more!


  4. Congratulations!! Keep up the good work.


  5. Go, grow, glow… parang tagline ng baby food. Hahaha! Seriously, the beautiful person you are is emerging through your writing more beautifully than you know!


  6. My dear ‘C’, I don’t know what to say..Where the hell have you been hiding?? This is just amazing and inspiring.. Damn, now I just feel so uninteresting, inadequate, stepping through the mundane banality of life..Hey does this mean your first book will be dedicated to me? lol. This is just fantastic. I promise with all my heart to be a constant supporter of your creativity. You’ll be hearing from me…. xxx


  7. the hardest thing is taking a chance, risking yourself. that’s what you’re doing here. and you have a fabulously-designed blog and above-average content. you dive deep into important issues. congratulations on all you have accomplished here.


    • TY! My heart, not my mind, was pushing me to do it. I must really have something good to share, lol. (And I just picked the best template and use great photos from keen-photographer friends).

      ‘Dive deep…’ – I like that!


  8. Yes, the hardest thing we’ll ever do is ‘risk”, the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing …without taking risks we can not grow, love, live, learn. In fact if we risk nothing we gain nothing. Without risk we’re not truly alive ….Your blog is beautiful …and speaks of the beauty that is you ….and all the things you find beautiful …..

    Continued Success …!


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